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Dakota Utility Contractors, Inc. has a well established history of excellence in serving the needs of the underground utility industry. Our web site will provide information if you have or know of utility work needing the attention of our qualified professionals.

Relationships with employees, customers, contractors, and the many institutions we work along side have always been a fundamental value of the company. Our company has many years devoted to our customers with the quality they deserve.

Why Directional Boring ?

  • More efficient
  • Customer friendly
  • Much less environmental impact
  • More flexible in getting around potential barriers
    i.e. rivers, culverts, sidewalks, roads, and other utilities
  • Can be steered around, under, or over buried obstacles

Guidance of the boring process is accomplished via a sonar system. The above-ground receiver accurately detects the current position of the borehead. If a directional change is required, the receiver senses the rotational position of the borehead and guides the operator in establishing a new path. The end result is a line that comes out precisely where you wanted it ... everytime.
The long bore lengths and accuracy of this system allows us to bore under rivers and streams to accomplish what might otherwise seem impossible!

A conjested area filled with other utilities has been the primary reason directional drilling may be chosen. The customers who live along utility routes have prefered directional drilling over other methods because of less surface restoration and disruption to their property.